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Indian Fry Bread

April 9, 2011

An extremely odd situation (my bike lock breaking during a snowstorm, leaving me stuck in my bike shoes, freezing, wondering how I was going to chisel my way through the iron threads) coincidentally brought a very good friend into my life. I clip-clopped my way into the store and just looked around helplessly, randomly saw this man who looked like he might be one of those truck driving guys with tools (don’t judge, i usually don’t stereotype but i was desperate), and I asked him if he might have any tools with him that could break a bike lock.

I was about a mile from home, but not about to walk there in my bike shoes, in the snow, let alone being very under-dressed for the weather. We tried to get it off, but no luck, but he offered to take me home so I could at least change and get some tools. When I told him where I lived, it ended up being that his daughter was the director and he used to cook there-small world! We picked up a few tools, drove back up, hacked the lock off-which was actually quite an ordeal so I highly suggest the bulldog coil locks if you’re looking for a lightweight lock to carry around with you, and we continued on our separate ways.

edited litespeeed yaya, i obviously don’t have photoshop, but look at my litespeed! i miss that bike 😦

Well, since then, we have continued to form a friendship. He has taught me so many things-things I never thought I would learn like leather crafting and such. He also has come and made Indian Fry Bread which is simple, plain, but a very good plain, economical, and all of the residents love it. He was kind enough to share the recipe with me, and since I’m at the parents for the weekend I attempted making it for them, because “fried” “eggs” and “sausage” are three of my step-dad’s favorite words.

I had mixed up the dough the night before so when I woke up I laid the “worm” out to get back to room temp.

P4080055 Then I cut off chunks of the dough and formed little doughnuts and even one very sad looking three leaf clover. Then I just sat and waited. Normally you would be heating your oil and getting everything else ready-but I get up at the crack of dawn and go to bed like a senior citizen.

P4080057 Eventually my parents did finally get up and I started heating the oil, made some sausage patties (which my mother burned :p) and some poached eggs (they have the best egg poacher!) I tested the oil and one by one, in they went-FRY!!!

P4080060The entire breakfast:


Poor sausage :p (blech to me) A lucky clover for a happy saturday!


And there are PLENTY of leftovers, so come on by…


This recipe is very unique, very economical, has about five ingredients and all are very cheap. I can imagine if I had to feed a big family on a tight budget, this would be a staple. I’m not so into the fry part, but it was fun. I need to make my fried pickles again! Needless to say it was a hit. My parents got their “farmers breakfast” and laid back down for a nap :p

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