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Living the Green Life

April 10, 2011

As most of you know, April is Earth Month and all about educating people on how to live more eco-friendly, celebrate our Mother Earth, and hopefully preserve her so we can continue to live here at least until the end of our lifetime (it’s kind of getting scary with all these natural disasters). Anyway, I’m going to be sharing some of my low-budget tips on living green, because I’m sure you figured out by now I will never be owning a hybrid (or any car for that matter), probably never be able to buy completely organic, or totally eco-friendly products, but I do the best I can with the very limited income available.  In fact, recycling actually helps!

We all know I drink GREEN, staple to my diet! 🙂


I love mason jars-I use them for almost everything! Which leads me to four of the containers I can’t live without!


From left to right: BPA free Nalgene bottle, washed out cottage cheese/yogurt container, mason jar, and a reusable coffee mug.

1) BPA Free Nalgene bottle: I carry this around with me all day, I can fill it up anywhere and with anything, I’ve even done coffee. Places give you discounts if you want to use it for soda (yes, I love my diet coke from the gas station, and you can get 32oz for 69cents vs. paying their ridiculous styrofoamed cup fee of over $1 or their $2 soda bottle fee!

2) I go through cottage cheese and yogurt like no other and have tons of these containers that unfortunately my city does not recycle. They are not safe to microwave food in, but I will reuse a container one or two times to carry a snack in (no more than that, because the plastic does have chemicals. Also, I used to reuse those plastic waterbottles all the time and ended up with an amoeba in my stomach so I’m a bit wary). I also use them to store random stuff in like a bunch of my crafty things.

3) The Mason Jar: This is you’re all around jar that can do about anything. I use them to store grains, nuts, drinks, green monsters, bring them with me to buy bulk items so I don’t use a plastic bag, drink a huge glass jar of coffee if you’re an addict like me and don’t want to get up to refill for awhile :p It works for EVERYTHING! You can usually find them cheap at garage sales, craigslist, or a family member who has given up canning. They are easy to wash and safe, just don’t drop them!

4) The reusable coffee travel mug-this is something to invest in if you are a daily coffee drinker. Make sure you get one that has a really good seal, seriously. I have been through so many disasters in my backpack that once I find one, I stick with it. I actually got this one at Starbucks (even though I never go there) and love it. It’s a venti (24oz) size, bigger is better for me :p, and I can fill it up, literally turn it upside down, and nothing comes out. Plus, I love red, if you couldn’t tell already 🙂 Most shops will offer a 10cent discount for bringing in your mug, if you are a gas station drinker, you just pay the refill price which is about 79c-89c per cup, very cost friendly.


***What are your earth friendly tips? Stay tuned, I have a whole list ready for you, including my newest obsession of eco-crafts!! I’m excited to learn about others though, people are so creative!

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  1. May 3, 2011 4:47 am

    Hey Faith,

    Thanks for the share. I love your article especially what you said about containers that – “I will reuse a container one or two times to carry a snack in (no more than that, because the plastic does have chemicals.”

    I never knew the plastics carry chemicals. I will have to start using mine just the way you do also.

    Very informative. Thanks.

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