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Green Containers and Running Pink!

April 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers…I sure hope so, because it’s a good day to be a duck. As long as it doesn’t start SNOWING again, I think I’ll be okay 🙂 I sadly haven’t taken advantage of my parents kitchen while here because I’ve been sick and my diet has been mostly choking down green monsters, cottage cheese, and fruit, though I did have an odd craving for some broccoli and peas last night so maybe that’s a sign that I’m turning things around.

broccoli forest

I could definitely live here…change that waterfall to some almond milk, add some berry bushes and cottage cheese clouds and I’m good to go!

However, I do have some fun news! Up at my usual hour of 0330 (because I attend to my senior citizen bedtime of 6p :p) I read through the paper and saw the Coeur d’Alene Ironman was already asking for volunteers. I used to be really into tri’s until I got sick, so I went right over and registered to volunteer, I can’t wait. The event literally takes over the entire town for about four days, it’s really inspiring! I know I will get back there one day soon!


Then, an email popped up asking me to do the Susan G. Komen Race. Now, even though I’m against all things pink, I AM FOR ALL THINGS THAT RAISE MONEY for cancer research and treatments because it hits very close to home. Due to such late notice I don’t know how much money I’ll be able to raise but if you want to support a great foundation, email me, and I can send you the info. In return, you will have your choice of a fun eco-craft in honor of Earth Month. I’ve been getting into this and will be posting soon, but it could be anything from a bottle cap charm, a box made from recycled cereal boxes, a fun purse, a hand-made journal…still experimenting!

komen sweatshirIf the rain keeps up I think I will be wearing about ten of these :p Unless I pass out from all the pink :p

Okay, back to the green tip of the day.  More containers 🙂

P4090069 I can usually make it through an entire year before I have to buy another box of Ziplocs, parchment paper, or foil, which is only increased/decreased by certain baking/cooking, or crafting I might do. Otherwise, I am able to reuse containers and other things to both store and travel my snacks and lunches with.

The Mason Jar we’ve addressed before-does just about everything.

I love putting a dash of pudding in my smoothies for flavor and thickness, and I just poured the powder in this old drink mix container and labeled it.

Debbie Green Meyer Bags really do work! I go through a ton of spinach a week, but I can buy almost five pounds of it at Costco and split it up and none of it goes bad. I’ve kept a lot of other produce in it as well, such as Kale, for over a week and it has stayed fresh. They can be washed out and reused. I’ve only had to buy one box so far.

Ziplocs-same thing, yeah, you do have to throw some away, but you can rinse out a lot of them, turn them inside out and reuse them. Especially if you’re one like me and drink a lot of smoothies and constantly freezing fruit in those big gallon bags.

Aluminum foil/Parchment can also be a better alternative to wrap your sandwich or snack in than using a Ziploc if you don’t have reusable snack containers. I actually do have some. Unfortunately they are still boxed up somewhere in NC….I hope!

bento containers


I like the products from Laptop Lunches because they come in great sizes and are BPA free, amidst many other great  earth friendly qualities! Having the parchment and foil  are usual household items, good to have on hand, and you can usually find cheap and cost effective with numerous purposes. Think outside the box 🙂

How do you travel with your snacks and meals?

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday!

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