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Green Living: Save a Post-It!

April 16, 2011

Sorry for the absence…I have been in the middle of moving, which isn’t a huge deal but nice change. Unfortunately, due to the relocation I lost my internet connection and am waiting to get wired back into the technological world.

I don’t have one of those computers you can easily tote around to any ol’ hotspot but was able to get a connection today. Thus, I quickly share with you another earth friendly tip for your home and/or office. I know at work, there is always printer mistakes or other paper mishaps and it just gets shoved into the recycling bin while your boss spends countless dollars on little notepads and stickie notes. Why?

Gather up all those random papers, give it a few hearty staples, and VOILA! A scratchpad is yours! You can still recycle it when you are done, you don’t need to buy any fancy notepads to doodle on, and if you really want to stick it somewhere, I’m sure the office has a some tape.

So save some trees and start making your own little notebooks and pads! You may just find yourself getting an extra pat on the back for saving the business those few bucks!

Do you like being away from the internet completely? Can you even remember the last time you were?

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