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A “Killer” Celebration!

March 3, 2012

First off, I was in no means bribed or paid to write any of this, although I have been a very grateful recipient of Dave’s Killer Bread in the past, but let me tell you, it changed my life…in numerous ways!

I was lucky enough to first try DKB when he sent me some even though I was living in boon-dock North  Carolina, and my world was changed. It was not available in NC, so I had to keep bribing my Seattle living sibling to keep sending me some. I had not eaten bread forever, and he brought it back into my life. It was the perfect texture, taste, and the ingredient list is nothing but amazing making me feel good about what I was putting into my body. His loaves are hearty, real, good-wholesome food!

I am now back in the PNW and can keep my own stock-and yes, even though I’m on a very tight budget and some might scoff at the price tag, it is worth every penny. My “Grandpa J” who was very set in his old ways would never spend anything over 99c for a loaf, and we now regularly make costco trips-guess you can change an old cowboy after all! We savor every bite!

“Grandpa J” turned 75 this month, and DKB was kind of enough, yet again, to help me out with some swag to add to his gift (i like personal gifts, which work well on a budget anyway…memory boxes, and books work so well, but I digress.) He loves really soft t-shirts and usually just goes to the Salvation Army to get them. Well, now he has a new, very soft, and “killer” shirt from DKB. THANK YOU!! I wrapped it up in an empty sandwich bag, dragged him into a local grocer with a great supply of Dave’s bread and presented him with his t-shirt. Then I made him put it on right there so we could snap our picture 🙂

I would consider his company to be truly authentic. If you haven’t already, check out Dave’s story. Even as he has grown, he has maintained as much personal contact as possible, and stuck to his mission…I’ve still always held in the back of my mind picking up and moving down to work in his store….(are you hiring?) 🙂

Thanks again for making such a great impact in everything you do and helping make my Grandpa’s 75th a memorable one, he was smiling ear to ear. (Now we have to go blow out his Sin Dawg candles)!!!!

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