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Ready to Pop Food Ideas

May 8, 2015

Ready to Pop Food Ideas

MAY 8, 2015

Menu Ideas:

-cake pops

-chicken pop tenders/bbq skewers

-poppy seed salad

-jalepeno poppers


-“pop”/ soda

-popcorn served in dollar store popcorn tubs, few different ways on internet as well

-the following all shown in favor bags, different fun things, etc..

-pop rocks

-blow pop bouquets/ dum dum bouquets

-home mad pop tarts

-otter pops/small homeade pops

-snap crackle pop cookies…..recipe online, also simple marshmallow treats

-pop chips and dip

-watermelon cut like a baby carriage and filled with fruit salad

-bubble gum

-ice cream with bubble gum on it…some suggested bubble gum ice cream…but ick

A bundle of more/visual food ideas….

A few decorations and more food….

And if you are still hungry…

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