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“Boutiful”…spreading the message one cup at a time!

June 20, 2009

Being authentic, loving yourself, accepting you for who you are and what you are, I advocate for it all. I hate how society is continuing to send us negative and contradictory messages on top of holding a double standard with women. Caitlin, from Healthy Tipping Point has started a powerful movement to end fat talk called Operation Beautiful which has caught on so much it now even has it’s own site!

I started off by taking part in this movement by writing random notes on coffee cups and passed them out to women at work. (Some cups got “boutiful” since it’s Caribou.)  Some messages were written on the cup, some on the lid. I’m not sure how many people saw them, though I did see a few notice. Regardless, I hope it empowered them at least for the day.

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