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Track the Blogging Pants

It’s funny, usually a lot of “weight” talk comes about when the sun begins to shine again and people start thinking about bathing suit season, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers must be trying on their fall attire or hitting up back to school sales and noticing their clothes fitting differently or their size having changed. This carries different emotions for many, I’ve just always said heck with it all, and I don’t mean that in a callous way, I just have to do that for myself, because I can’t get down on one more thing in my life, or I’d get crazier than I already am :)


Have you ever read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series? Perhaps, by now, you have seen one of the movies (but we all know the books are better!) In a very short synopsis, it follows four girls, of all different body types, who magically find a pair of jeans that compliment them in different ways and fits them all. They are spending their first summer apart from each other but vow to send the jeans along to one another as a token, and meet again at the end of the summer in ceremony telling the stories of the road the pants have taken.

Thus, I present the pair of Blogging Pants. This pair is going to be sent around to different bloggers. Now granted, this is not a fairy tale, and it may not fit every women it gets sent to, and since it is reality, it’s not really intended to because we are all unique! Each woman is to write an encouraging message, affirmation, sentiment of wisdom, and send them on to another whom they feel needs some encouragement along the way.


Take a picture with the pants! Be creative! Let’s see just how many states, countries, continents, we can get these to and how many messages we can get on them!

To start, I’m sending them to Heather over at HangryPants. Not only is it a suiting name, but also due to a recent post, some of the feedback, and just cause she’s a kick in the pants :)

Rules of the pants (some borrowed from the book):

  1. Be your beautiful self and live vivaciously! Have fun!
  2. You must never say the word “phat. You must never think to yourself “I am fat.”
  3. Remember, pants=love. Love your pals, love yourself.
  4. Write your quote, blog, take your pict and send it to me, and choose another blogger to send it on!

Be who you want to be, have glory in it, and shake that booty!

Journey of the Pants!


The pants began their journey in North Carolina and have now made their way up to New Jersey where Hangry Pants has recently made her addition!

hangry pants She wrote, “The most important person who loves you is you!”

Then the pants were off to Chandra in Iowa where she added: “Follow your heart.  Follow your dreams.  You deserve happiness!”

Then they traveled to Monica, from “Run, Eat, Repeat!”

To Caitlin in Florida from Healthy Tipping Point:

To Kat, from A to Pink in Maryland:


Now the pants are with Healthy Ashley! And they lived with her for quite some time and through many amazing things, definitely check out her story, but yes, they have resurfaced!! Ironically enough, they are back down south in North Carolina, where I just moved from :p

NeverHomemaker Ashley received the pants and in grand addition:

“Believe in yourself and inspire others!”  Talk about a woman in action!

They are now off to Julie at Savvy Eats, let’s keep them rolling…has anyone dared to put them on yet? Will they leave the east coast?

"Always appreciate the little things."-Savvy Julie

thank you! finally getting an idea how full they are!

Where in the world is Carmen Sand Diego? And, what is she wearing? The blog pants of course! Julie sent them off to Brandi of Bran Appetit, who is a very well deserved blogger recipient, (well, who isn’t.) She creates incredible dishes by the way, so stop by and print out some recipes. Also, she has been writing a lot of media articles, so if you have an issue you need to be brought up, she might be the woman to talk to! Her site is absolutely gorgeous, thoughtful, and made an awesome addition to our traveling pants. Thank you Brandi!!! (umm…i’m addicted :p)

Oh yeah, and she paired them with some delicious peanut butter on her post…hmm…travel plans are in the works, yes, get ready for a new roomie : p JK 🙂

Brandi sent them off to Susan of “The Great Balancing Act of Life,” and let me tell ya’ this twenty-six year old has sure been dealt a handful of cards. She has quite an inspiring journey, takes a different spin on the usual “healthy living blog” this type of group would normally be drawn to, and as she phrases it is now more in search of “good food, good health, and a whole lot of happiness.” Now, that is what I consider living LIFE! 

Thanks again for everyone that has/will take part! I might have a intermediate intercession while I take them to a National ED Awareness week in  February to raise money, awareness, education, etc. where ironically the theme is “Be Aware of your ‘Genes”.

Remember, you are all beautiful exactly the way you are, and as far as I’m concerned, numbers are for math classes in school and measuring something before lugging it up a huge flight of steep stairs only to find it doesn’t fit.

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