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Thank you KASHI!!

September 11, 2008

I obviously consume way too much cottage cheese and my RD wants me to work on getting more whole grains in so….what better way to do that than trying out some KASHI? I’ve tried some of their stuff, problem is it can get rather costly and I’m on a tight budget. Well, they are WONDERFUL! I wrote to them and they blessed me with a bundle of great coupons that enabled me to get a bunch of their products to try out so my mom and I went shopping and this is what we got so far:

Kashi Go Lean-Very Satisfying and tasty!!

Kashi Waffles-LOVE THESE, sweet on their own, or with topping.

Kashi TLC Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars-will be trying these this afternoon

Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal Toasted Honey-I have been obsessed with this for two months now, I really wanted to find their new honey sunshine but you can’t find anythign here in podunk land.

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