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Everyone has a magic cape!

January 28, 2012

New year, new start, unfortunately not much new technoglogy to keep up with all those Jones’ out there, but I just might get this blog back on tract, and if so, it just may have  bit of a different breeze to it.

ALOT has happened in 2011, and some of that may come forth. I’m no longer in NC, I’m actually back up Spokane, WA where I spent about five years of my childhood youth. Let’s face it, I’m a city girl, Spokane just ain’t doing it for me, Seattle or Portland here I come as soon as I win the lotto or don’t have humongous outstanding medical bills I have to keep paying off.

Anyway, everyone has their own sob story I’m sure. The one thing I would like to see through is the blogging pants because they are more than just jeans to me, they are more than just affirmations, they are more than just a nuisance. I know I don’t have a cape to change to the world, let alone in the aspect of medical care, but especially in January where everyone is knee deep in trying to lose weight, what about the 1 in 5 people dying of eating disorders. Oh no, we can’t talk about that, it’s not socially acceptable. It is actually the number one killer above all else but because it is usually classified from organ failure, heart attack etc, it gets shuffled under the rug, and we turn our minds to socially more acceptable things to talk about like heart disease and diabetes.

thank you brandi!

Sorry, minor soap box. Anyway, the blogging pants have slowly been moving around for about a year, gaining affirmations and I truly thank everyone who participated and who still will. I’m hoping to get them back by the first week of February for the NEDA conference where the theme is “Don’t be defined by your GENES,” but we will see.

It has been inspiring to me to find so many out there that are so positive about themselves, honest, full of integrity, and honor their values over their waste size. The strength and paths women have traveled is mind-blowing. I guess I should start sewing some super–women outifts!


Ready to Pop Food Ideas

May 8, 2015

Ready to Pop Food Ideas

MAY 8, 2015

Menu Ideas:

-cake pops

-chicken pop tenders/bbq skewers

-poppy seed salad

-jalepeno poppers


-“pop”/ soda

-popcorn served in dollar store popcorn tubs, few different ways on internet as well

-the following all shown in favor bags, different fun things, etc..

-pop rocks

-blow pop bouquets/ dum dum bouquets

-home mad pop tarts

-otter pops/small homeade pops

-snap crackle pop cookies…..recipe online, also simple marshmallow treats

-pop chips and dip

-watermelon cut like a baby carriage and filled with fruit salad

-bubble gum

-ice cream with bubble gum on it…some suggested bubble gum ice cream…but ick

A bundle of more/visual food ideas….

A few decorations and more food….

And if you are still hungry…

A “Killer” Celebration!

March 3, 2012

First off, I was in no means bribed or paid to write any of this, although I have been a very grateful recipient of Dave’s Killer Bread in the past, but let me tell you, it changed my life…in numerous ways!

I was lucky enough to first try DKB when he sent me some even though I was living in boon-dock North  Carolina, and my world was changed. It was not available in NC, so I had to keep bribing my Seattle living sibling to keep sending me some. I had not eaten bread forever, and he brought it back into my life. It was the perfect texture, taste, and the ingredient list is nothing but amazing making me feel good about what I was putting into my body. His loaves are hearty, real, good-wholesome food!

I am now back in the PNW and can keep my own stock-and yes, even though I’m on a very tight budget and some might scoff at the price tag, it is worth every penny. My “Grandpa J” who was very set in his old ways would never spend anything over 99c for a loaf, and we now regularly make costco trips-guess you can change an old cowboy after all! We savor every bite!

“Grandpa J” turned 75 this month, and DKB was kind of enough, yet again, to help me out with some swag to add to his gift (i like personal gifts, which work well on a budget anyway…memory boxes, and books work so well, but I digress.) He loves really soft t-shirts and usually just goes to the Salvation Army to get them. Well, now he has a new, very soft, and “killer” shirt from DKB. THANK YOU!! I wrapped it up in an empty sandwich bag, dragged him into a local grocer with a great supply of Dave’s bread and presented him with his t-shirt. Then I made him put it on right there so we could snap our picture 🙂

I would consider his company to be truly authentic. If you haven’t already, check out Dave’s story. Even as he has grown, he has maintained as much personal contact as possible, and stuck to his mission…I’ve still always held in the back of my mind picking up and moving down to work in his store….(are you hiring?) 🙂

Thanks again for making such a great impact in everything you do and helping make my Grandpa’s 75th a memorable one, he was smiling ear to ear. (Now we have to go blow out his Sin Dawg candles)!!!!

Disappeared…again….+update on blog pants!

June 2, 2011

I know I know….I’m a terrible blogger….but honestly, it’s not one of those dog ate my computer things and I’m not going to bore you with a lifestory saga. To simply sum things up, the journey of life has been a very rocky road right now, I don’t have regular computer usage or internet connection, nor any of the other fancy gadgets that seem to make a cool blog that keeps readers coming back.

Thus, I have been putting my energy in other things, and let me tell you, when you the world of technology disappears from your life, you’d be amazed at what else is out there.  I’ve gone back to doing a lot of crafting (and by no means am I any artist, stick people??)

A very good friend, even though I’m vegetarian and was creeped out at first, has been teaching me a quickly disappearing art of leathercraft. It’s a pretty cool craft, and after the creepiness, it was the history and meaning that you could give to other people that kept me going, plus all of the time and care that goes into it. I have been making things, mostly from old scraps, that I hope to be able to sell for pennies to donate to NAMI, NEDA, and the CANCER ALLIANCE. We can basically make just about anything and are slowly building a site, but the flickr site is constantly updated….

If you are interested, check us out at JB LeatherHandcrafts!

I’ve also been sewing…ummm…or trying to and just taking one day at a time.

However, more importantly, the BLOG PANTS are on the move again!!! My goal is to get them ready for the NEDA conference this fall so let’s get them going and filled!!

You ladies have been awesome about this and it could not have happened without you, so THANK YOU! Word on the blog world is that Neverhomemaker has sent them off to SavvyJulie…so stay tuned!

Let’s Get the Blog Pants back on Track!!

May 9, 2011

I know I haven’t been around much and I do apologize…first I lost internet, then the very poor computer I had pooped out, so I have 2 brief times a week I am able to get to a computer decent enough for me to blog on, hopefully this will change soon though.

Anyway, remember the blog pants? They were being sent from blogger to blogger collecting affirmations.

This is a picture of them when they first began, and since they have collected more beautiful words. I believe Neverhomemaker has them currently but has taken a blog haiatus!!!! (small anxiety here :p )

My goal is to really get them going around at a faster pace and get them covered in time for the NEDA conference which is being held in October. So my dear friends, I know you have some powerful words to share, let’s get these pants flying again so your wisdom can be shared with some wisdom and inspiration from a group of women who could greatly benefit.

Thanks again!!!

Crystal Lite Pure Review

May 5, 2011

Okay, I have to come clean about a few things. One, I’m addicted to diet soda. Two, I use Splenda, Truvia when I can afford it, but hey, I’m on a budget. Three, I hate water. I don’t mind carbonated water, which I also drink, but I hate just plain flat water.

This is where Crystal Lite Pure comes to the rescue. I have been trying to lessen my artificial sweetner intake, and Kraft was kind enough to send me three of the Pure flavors to try out, my favorite was definitely the GRAPE!

yes, i know this is mixed berry, it's good too!

The individual packs are easy to carry around, and provide solid flavor in my 320z nalgene bottle. I still mix it with a little bubbly (be it 1/2 lemon lime, or 1/2 plain sparkling water) but it is definitely a much better compromise. It comes in three flavors, grape, mixed berry, and strawberry kiwi…but I’m sticking with the grape! There is no funny aftertaste and seeing as I’ve never even been a juice/koolaid/lemonade/ice tea person before, I give this two thumbs up.  Very refreshing and portable just in time for summer!

Thanks again Crystal Lite!

Green to Go: Laptop Lunch Review

May 4, 2011

The great people over at laptop lunches sent me the Dual Compartment Bento Kit 2.0 to try out since I’m constantly on the go with my snacks and reusing containers in an effort to be eco-friendly. I have to say, this thing was like a gift from the gods.

The bottom portion of the bag held the bento kit that can be arranged in various ways to fit fruits, veggies, sandwiches, entrees, and even has a little cup for dressing so your salad won’t get soggy, as well as silverware that is simple to wash and clean. All of the containers are BPA free and made with recycled content!

The top half of the bag is big enough to hold thermos’, mason jars, 16oz, containers and a mason jar…I tried all sorts of stuff and maxed it out 🙂 I was instantly in love. Always known as the bag lady, I now have a much more effective, economical, and safer way to carry my meals around when I’m gone most of the day which is just about everyday. (Hey, in my defense I’m a good person to get caught in an emergency with because there is a good chance I’ll have some snacks for you too!)

Another great thing is the kit comes a long with a book that explains healthy nutrition and shares some fun recipes and ideas for your bento kit.  They have a ton of different varieties and versions you can check out at their site. These ladies obviously know what they are doing, are very resourceful, and have put out a great line of products that I would definitely recommend!

Green Living: Save a Post-It!

April 16, 2011

Sorry for the absence…I have been in the middle of moving, which isn’t a huge deal but nice change. Unfortunately, due to the relocation I lost my internet connection and am waiting to get wired back into the technological world.

I don’t have one of those computers you can easily tote around to any ol’ hotspot but was able to get a connection today. Thus, I quickly share with you another earth friendly tip for your home and/or office. I know at work, there is always printer mistakes or other paper mishaps and it just gets shoved into the recycling bin while your boss spends countless dollars on little notepads and stickie notes. Why?

Gather up all those random papers, give it a few hearty staples, and VOILA! A scratchpad is yours! You can still recycle it when you are done, you don’t need to buy any fancy notepads to doodle on, and if you really want to stick it somewhere, I’m sure the office has a some tape.

So save some trees and start making your own little notebooks and pads! You may just find yourself getting an extra pat on the back for saving the business those few bucks!

Do you like being away from the internet completely? Can you even remember the last time you were?

Green Containers and Running Pink!

April 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers…I sure hope so, because it’s a good day to be a duck. As long as it doesn’t start SNOWING again, I think I’ll be okay 🙂 I sadly haven’t taken advantage of my parents kitchen while here because I’ve been sick and my diet has been mostly choking down green monsters, cottage cheese, and fruit, though I did have an odd craving for some broccoli and peas last night so maybe that’s a sign that I’m turning things around.

broccoli forest

I could definitely live here…change that waterfall to some almond milk, add some berry bushes and cottage cheese clouds and I’m good to go!

However, I do have some fun news! Up at my usual hour of 0330 (because I attend to my senior citizen bedtime of 6p :p) I read through the paper and saw the Coeur d’Alene Ironman was already asking for volunteers. I used to be really into tri’s until I got sick, so I went right over and registered to volunteer, I can’t wait. The event literally takes over the entire town for about four days, it’s really inspiring! I know I will get back there one day soon!


Then, an email popped up asking me to do the Susan G. Komen Race. Now, even though I’m against all things pink, I AM FOR ALL THINGS THAT RAISE MONEY for cancer research and treatments because it hits very close to home. Due to such late notice I don’t know how much money I’ll be able to raise but if you want to support a great foundation, email me, and I can send you the info. In return, you will have your choice of a fun eco-craft in honor of Earth Month. I’ve been getting into this and will be posting soon, but it could be anything from a bottle cap charm, a box made from recycled cereal boxes, a fun purse, a hand-made journal…still experimenting!

komen sweatshirIf the rain keeps up I think I will be wearing about ten of these :p Unless I pass out from all the pink :p

Okay, back to the green tip of the day.  More containers 🙂

P4090069 I can usually make it through an entire year before I have to buy another box of Ziplocs, parchment paper, or foil, which is only increased/decreased by certain baking/cooking, or crafting I might do. Otherwise, I am able to reuse containers and other things to both store and travel my snacks and lunches with.

The Mason Jar we’ve addressed before-does just about everything.

I love putting a dash of pudding in my smoothies for flavor and thickness, and I just poured the powder in this old drink mix container and labeled it.

Debbie Green Meyer Bags really do work! I go through a ton of spinach a week, but I can buy almost five pounds of it at Costco and split it up and none of it goes bad. I’ve kept a lot of other produce in it as well, such as Kale, for over a week and it has stayed fresh. They can be washed out and reused. I’ve only had to buy one box so far.

Ziplocs-same thing, yeah, you do have to throw some away, but you can rinse out a lot of them, turn them inside out and reuse them. Especially if you’re one like me and drink a lot of smoothies and constantly freezing fruit in those big gallon bags.

Aluminum foil/Parchment can also be a better alternative to wrap your sandwich or snack in than using a Ziploc if you don’t have reusable snack containers. I actually do have some. Unfortunately they are still boxed up somewhere in NC….I hope!

bento containers


I like the products from Laptop Lunches because they come in great sizes and are BPA free, amidst many other great  earth friendly qualities! Having the parchment and foil  are usual household items, good to have on hand, and you can usually find cheap and cost effective with numerous purposes. Think outside the box 🙂

How do you travel with your snacks and meals?

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday!

Living the Green Life

April 10, 2011

As most of you know, April is Earth Month and all about educating people on how to live more eco-friendly, celebrate our Mother Earth, and hopefully preserve her so we can continue to live here at least until the end of our lifetime (it’s kind of getting scary with all these natural disasters). Anyway, I’m going to be sharing some of my low-budget tips on living green, because I’m sure you figured out by now I will never be owning a hybrid (or any car for that matter), probably never be able to buy completely organic, or totally eco-friendly products, but I do the best I can with the very limited income available.  In fact, recycling actually helps!

We all know I drink GREEN, staple to my diet! 🙂


I love mason jars-I use them for almost everything! Which leads me to four of the containers I can’t live without!


From left to right: BPA free Nalgene bottle, washed out cottage cheese/yogurt container, mason jar, and a reusable coffee mug.

1) BPA Free Nalgene bottle: I carry this around with me all day, I can fill it up anywhere and with anything, I’ve even done coffee. Places give you discounts if you want to use it for soda (yes, I love my diet coke from the gas station, and you can get 32oz for 69cents vs. paying their ridiculous styrofoamed cup fee of over $1 or their $2 soda bottle fee!

2) I go through cottage cheese and yogurt like no other and have tons of these containers that unfortunately my city does not recycle. They are not safe to microwave food in, but I will reuse a container one or two times to carry a snack in (no more than that, because the plastic does have chemicals. Also, I used to reuse those plastic waterbottles all the time and ended up with an amoeba in my stomach so I’m a bit wary). I also use them to store random stuff in like a bunch of my crafty things.

3) The Mason Jar: This is you’re all around jar that can do about anything. I use them to store grains, nuts, drinks, green monsters, bring them with me to buy bulk items so I don’t use a plastic bag, drink a huge glass jar of coffee if you’re an addict like me and don’t want to get up to refill for awhile :p It works for EVERYTHING! You can usually find them cheap at garage sales, craigslist, or a family member who has given up canning. They are easy to wash and safe, just don’t drop them!

4) The reusable coffee travel mug-this is something to invest in if you are a daily coffee drinker. Make sure you get one that has a really good seal, seriously. I have been through so many disasters in my backpack that once I find one, I stick with it. I actually got this one at Starbucks (even though I never go there) and love it. It’s a venti (24oz) size, bigger is better for me :p, and I can fill it up, literally turn it upside down, and nothing comes out. Plus, I love red, if you couldn’t tell already 🙂 Most shops will offer a 10cent discount for bringing in your mug, if you are a gas station drinker, you just pay the refill price which is about 79c-89c per cup, very cost friendly.


***What are your earth friendly tips? Stay tuned, I have a whole list ready for you, including my newest obsession of eco-crafts!! I’m excited to learn about others though, people are so creative!